Weir Attorneys acquires Joseph D. Kaplan & Son, PC!

In January of 2023, Weir Attorneys acquired the assets of Joseph D. Kaplan & Son, Inc. Martin (Marty) Hillman, the owner of Joseph D. Kaplan & Son, is now a partner with Weir Attorneys.

In 1917, Joseph D Kaplan founded a personal injury law firm in Trenton, New Jersey near Broad and East State Street. Joseph looked forward to the day when he could change the name of the firm to Joseph D. Kaplan & Son. In 1939, Joseph's son, Seymour, graduated from Harvard Law School and joined his father's practice. At this point, the firm officially became Joseph D Kaplan & Son, Inc. When Seymour's son Lionel (Lonny) joined the firm, he insisted that the name remain Joseph D Kaplan and Son. For over 100 years Joseph D Kaplan and Son served the needs of the Trenton community. In 2017, with none of the Kaplan family looking to take over the firm, Lonny decided it was time to sell.

In 1997 Martin (Marty) Hillman was brought on as a trial attorney for Joseph D. Kaplan and Son. Marty was born and raised in the Chambersburg section of Trenton. When Lonny decided to sell, he turned to Marty to continue the tradition of serving the Trenton community. Sadly, as the sale to Marty was being finalized in 2017, Lonny passed away.

Shortly after Lonny Kaplan sold the business to Marty, redevelopment of North Montgomery Street began. Joseph D. Kaplan and Son had been located at 70 N Montgomery Street in Trenton for decades.

In 2021 Marty relocated the business across the street into a new space at 150 E. State St. Marty continued the operation of Joseph D. Kaplan and Son until 2023 when Marty decided it was time to join forces with longtime friend, John Weir. Today, Weir Attorneys continues to operate at 150 E. State St. Where Marty Hillman continues his personal injury practice just as he had for over two decades with Joseph D. Kaplan and Son. Born and raised in Trenton NJ, Marty continues to serve his community with excellence.

Joseph D. Kaplan likely walked right by the building located at 150 E. State Street numerous times as he began his practice in 1917. Trenton was a vibrant city in the early 1900s. Today, the area at E. State Street and North Montgomery, including the past and current location of Joseph D. Kaplan & Son, is undergoing a dramatic revitalization led by local developer Dan Brenna.

Brenna, who also grew up in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, continues to support the revitalization of Trenton. Weir Attorneys is continuing the passion and commitment to Trenton begun by Joseph D. Kaplan more than a hundred years ago. While Joseph D. Kaplan & Son is now gone, the Kaplan spirit and commitment to Trenton lives on in Weir Attorneys.